What’s The Difference Between A Blog and A Website?

Frankly, the Internet is one of the most useful tools for people to just enhance their marketability online. Be it to market their own services, products or even themselves as a friend or potential partner! The power and benefits of the Internet are slowly combining and boosting the importance of e-commerce to companies today.  

Recently, there has been a lot of queries as to what I’m actually doing online. What Internet Marketing is all about and basically, people are interested to know is it really possible to earn money online?

The answer is YES.

So how do I begin with it?

I’ll simply just say – easy way out is to start a blog. But people remain skeptical and wondering how a blog can actually be used as a profitable tool. In fact, they ask me, aren’t you suppose to set up a website instead? Blogs are for personal uses!

Well, that distinction is blurring really quickly.

Blogs are becoming the most common online communication methods of people and it reaches out to millions of others. It enhances a person’s online presence, brands an individual and affects people’s impression of a company, product or service that the blogger is promoting.

Blogs can accomplish what normal websites cannot. Blogs are 2-way communication tools that allows your blog visitors to communicate with you, the blogger through comments. The availability of RSS (Really Simple Syndication) allows readers to subscribe to the blog and be automatically updated when new content is added. It keeps your blog visitors in the loop of what’s happening on your blog!

Websites don’t really allow this because their basic function is just to provide information to its visitors, though now website owners are adding the RSS feeds to allow subscribers to receive updated contents.

Blogs are easy to set up and doesn’t involve the complexities of HTML or coding required when setting up a website. You don’t need to be inclined in graphics design or website design to set up a blog. Blogs are text-oriented and you can easily download blog skins which immediately give your blog your own unique design!

Interactivity online is something that really encourages a lot of people to come online and remain online. Blogs allow you to accomplish this. You can communicate and meet with new people through your blogs more easily. Websites do not really give you this flexibility because it is simply the posting of information online.

So how do you host your blog?

There are free blogging platforms that you might have already heard of such as Blogger and WordPress. You definitely can host your blog on a reliable webhost. With your webhost, you’ll be sure that all that you upload can be easily retrievable and you can upload as much stuff onto your website such as videos, images etc.

So start blogging today and find out more about monetizing your blog over HERE!


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    I would like to see a continuation of the topic

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    Do you accept guest posts? I just like the choice how you wrote What’s The Difference Between A Blog and A Website? | Journals of Patricia Lin, I am in this topic for ages and I would adore to write several publications here if you ever think.

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    Hey Florine,

    Well, this is a personal blog hence, guest posts are not posted here.


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