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Blogging – How Your Blog Should Be An Easy Online Income Stream Generator For You! (Part 1)

June 17, 2007

Well, firstly, I have put up a poll on my sidebar and it’s all for YOU, my dear blog reader!

It’s my way of finding out what matters the most to you, especially with regards to creating an online income stream and basically, I’ll provide more information on the topic in my blog post and well, make it short and easy to understand for you!

There are so many people each day who are exposed to internet marketing and many who are interested but have no idea how to go about starting an online income stream.


1. They are afraid of being a scam victim.

2. They lack the knowledge they need.

3. They think that the Internet is JUST a place to obtain information and a place for them to find cheap products and deals.

4. They are not getting their desired results.

5. They are impatient.

6. They lack the technical skills.

7. They THINK they lack the technical skills.

8. They are copy cats – they just follow what people do and often, they follow the wrong people.

9. They are easily influenced by information around them – be it negative opinions of others, negative testimonials by others etc etc.

10. They are unwilling to put in the time and effort needed – they think that it’s a get-rich-quick way and are just in to make the quick buck, which unfortunately won’t happen.

But generally, people just have the misconception that the Internet is not a good place and internet marketing is not a good avenue for you to actually create and make an income stream for yourself. Basically, we call all these, LIMITING BELIEFS.

These limiting beliefs do not let a person venture beyond his/her comfort zone, just like how so many people would rather listen about other people’s success online than to really try it out for themselves.

And for your information, blogging is a great way to start your online income stream and basically, to convince yourself of the immense possibility that the Internet can generate a passive income for you!

If you want those doubts that you might have and the limiting beliefs that people have constantly emphasised to you to be eradicated or basically, to change your mindset about making money on the internet, well, just download the free eBook made available HERE!

Basically, in the upcoming parts of this blog series, I’ll be telling you WHY you should be using your blog to generate an income for yourself as well as HOW to go about it.

In the meantime, do not hesitate to email me about any doubts that you may have or limiting beliefs that you’ll like me to help you get rid of! 😀


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  • Reply Linda Ariff July 6, 2007 at 1:37 PM

    Hey ya Patricia,

    hmm..will my message be posted here on this page. if yes, then i shouldn’t be writing so much here..but what the heck,,here goes…

    first question…
    1. is your boyfriend somehow related to Eric Woon?

    2. do you have a gorgeous friend in NUS Business School name Lynette Lee..

    ok..that’s all 4 now..

    i’ll return here soon ok.

    Take care..

  • Reply Linda Ariff July 6, 2007 at 1:40 PM come i’m the only one leaving comments here..and this doesn’t even look like a comment yea.more like instant messaging…oops

  • Reply -:-queen_pat-:- July 9, 2007 at 12:19 PM

    Hi Linda

    Well, I must say I’m rather amused with your blog comments and even more that you didn’t know how the comments work. But it’s ok. 😀

    As for your questions, well, the answer is No to both. 🙂 I wonder if this may be a case of mistaken identity or identities. Sorry if i have disappointed you in anyway.

    Thanks for dropping my blog anyway!

  • Reply Wayne Tully March 2, 2008 at 9:17 PM

    Anyway getting back to your post subject, I have been blogging for a little over a year now with various blogs and have come to the realisation that there is money to be made from blogging, and for a lot of people it stresses them out especially when they have to dedicate all of their available time to make that happen, and that’s when some people get bored and abandon their blogs, but then it’s usaully at this point that results might happen and they just give up.

    I’ll never give up, especially when there are intelligent bloggers out there like yourself to inspire me further!

    Thanks for a great blog!

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