Blogging – How Your Blog Should Be An Easy Online Income Stream Generator For You! (Part 2)

Firstly for those who do not have a blog or a ‘serious’ one (where you don’t blog nonsensical ramblings), you might want to create one just to help you start earning that online income stream that you have always wanted on the sideline.

But here are a couple of reasons why I think you should just create a blog, even if you are not planning to monetize it.

Well, you can share information with the world about yourself, your country, your culture etc. and basically, you also can share the lessons you have learnt from an experience. You can provide solutions to problems and meet people who are facing the same situation. I think it’s quite obvious that you can meet people online through your blog and create new friendships. It’s easier for you to find people who are interested in the same things as you when you blog about a particular interest that you have.

It’s easy to create blogs BUT you need to convince yourself why you should transform your blog from an ordinary one which is all about your daily activities, feelings and events to one where you are providing good information to the entire world as well as monetizing it to bring you an income.

What you create is a NICHE blog where you provide information about a certain topic and related ones. So that when people are searching for information in this area, they can be directed to your blog.

For instance, Calvin’s blog is concentrating on the niche of internet marketing and basically, for a niche blog what you aim to provide your readers is topical information that is related to your niche. And once you are sure that people to your blog are ‘targeted’ or people who are interested in the information that you provide, you can then move on to even sell products/ services through your blog.

For my blog, I realised that I haven’t defined my niche. Probably because there are too many things that I’d like to share with you which causes my blog to be a little disorganised. And moreover, the quest for excellence – there are so many things that one can do to achieve excellence and success in one’s life! For instance, I would want you to create a blog to help you earn a passive income that perhaps can give you more money to invest in yourself, or have the ability to pursue other things such as investments, personal development etc. which help you achieve excellence/success in your life!

Lastly, you can create an online passive income stream for yourself and yes, you can earn money through blogging! But before I do tell you HOW to do so, I need you to identify what key areas do you want to tackle in your blog and WHY you are doing this. Why are you blogging about that topic? Why are you even starting to blog?

Always remember to make your blog personal and at the same time, informational. Once you have identified the key areas, it will be easier for you to apply the information that I’ll share with you in my next and last post on this blog post series. 🙂

2 responses to “Blogging – How Your Blog Should Be An Easy Online Income Stream Generator For You! (Part 2)”

  1. Calvin Avatar

    Hi dear,

    Good point you brought up regarding the benefits of a blog. It certainly serves a medium for us to share our knowledge, learnings and also our experiences in life. As time passes, our blogs can also help us reflect on the happenings in our lives as well as enable us to learn from our mistakes.

    Blogging rules! 🙂

  2. -:-queen_pat-:- Avatar

    Haha.. yep dear. I’m glad that you have revived my blogging interest and created my blog together with me. And I’m glad that our blogs have allowed us to accomplish a lot of the things that we have today! Hee! 🙂

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