Blessed 2010 Awaits Us!

It’s the first day of the new year! And it’s definitely great to have it off to a good start! My New Year celebrations were quiet, spending good quality time with friends at my friend’s art studio near Portsdown Road. Just chilling and chit-chatting about our wishes for the new year was a great way to welcome the new year. So what did you do?

Calvin and I had a late brunch at Hotpot Culture, Marina Square which was a last minute decision because we couldn’t really decide where to eat. It was our first meal of the year and I won’t say it was great but it was alright. Really full from that one meal for the entire day!

I finally went to watch Avatar 3D with Calvin and we had to sit in the first row of the cinema cos it was full house! But it was alright because we were at GV Marina, which I have to say is one of my preferred cinemas. The movie was great and thrilling! Haha.. I’m a person who is easily jotted to surprise or to tears in a movie. So, perhaps thrilling isn’t the general term used to describe the movie. But it is to me!

2010 has gone off to a great start and I can just feel that more great stuff is coming our way! 🙂 Call me thinking positively or just plain over-enthusiastic about the new year, but I sure am looking forward to this year which is already set for amazing things!

A couple of events that I’m looking forward to are:

– My cousins’ weddings (Eunice, Shawn & Ken)
– Travelling! (With a possible trip to the U.S.A.)
– Product Launches (2009 was a great year for my own personal IM endeavours and I’m looking forward to a more eventful year into the business)

I have already committed the year to the Lord and I know He is going to prepare me for what’s ahead. To a blessed year ahead!

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