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5 Ways To Be Organised!

April 5, 2007

After a week of sheer madness of attempting to clear work deadlines and also preparing for tests and presentations, now I just look back and think, “Wow! How did I just manage to do all that?!”

It never fails to amaze me – the truth of “What Your Mind Can Conceive, You Can Achieve!” 

I learnt a lot this few weeks, not only in my academic studies but also on how to be organized if I want to achieve my goals and meet deadlines. Though life is extremely busy, we can also try to make full use of the time that God has given us!

Want to know an universal piece of good news?

There are 24 hours in a day, and there will be another day tomorrow!

But let me tell you, this piece of good news can turn bad if you waste your time and not know what your purpose in life is. Once you have figured out what your purpose in life is, work towards it and organise your life in a way that you make use of all the time that you have to achieve all that you want!

The first thing that you should do once you know what you have to do, is to learn to prioritize. Prioritizing means putting things in order of importance and accomplishing tasks down this list from very important to not important ones. Prioritizing and organizing lets you look at the big picture of what you really want and what you need to do. Without prioritizing, you may overlook important tasks and this can create more problems and obstacles for you.

Here are the 5 ways to get you started on organising your time and tasks!

1. Make a list of your tasks for the day.

>> Always list them down in terms of importance and in terms of urgency. Moreover, you also need to arrange them according to the time of the day that you would like to accomplish them.

2. Categorise the tasks – Things you “must do”, “should do”, and “want to do”

>> Note that these categories already help you to notice the differential importance rankings of the tasks.

3. Think about what are the consequences of not doing something

>> In your list, similarly take note of what happens if you do not accomplish the task. Are there any punishments? or Rewards? List them down as they will serve to motivate you.

4. Give yourself time limits for your tasks

>> Always have a time limit in order for you to remain on the goal and be focused on achieving the outcome that you desire. It also helps you to phase away those unnecessary distractions if you were to give yourself more time than you need.  

5. Take into account the sense of accomplishment that you will feel after getting your important tasks done!

>> Remember that the feeling of fulfillment and achievement is priceless!

You can find your own, personal way to organize your day as well as the tasks you set out to do that day. No matter how you choose to organize your life, organized people get things done quicker, better, and with less stress than unorganized ones!

Keep all areas of your life organized – know what you are doing and know when to do it. This will give you time to do the things you loaf faster and more efficiently so that you can spend more time doing the things you love!

Make a good choice today by organising your time and tasks! It will affect the way you operate, your life and your accomplishments! And well, you’ll be thankful that you made that choice!

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