Ways To Spend An Anniversary

Well well, just to share with everyone, the bliss that I’ve been experiencing this entire week… Haha.. Calvin and I are celebrating our 1st anniversary this Friday!

Gosh.. 1 year seems to pretty much fly past before we even know it. It has been 1 year since we both embarked on this journey together as a couple and I must say, we both have grown a lot through this relationship. I no longer was that spoilt brat and egoistic woman.. (though Calvin would still say that I still have those characteristics)… and he’s no longer well, the ‘casanova’ I always thought of him to be. LOL~!

The one-year anniversary for us to celebrate our love for one another and by doing so, it just serves to remind us the reasons why we decided to get together and commit ourselves in the relationship.





Anyway, we were just brainstorming what we can do to celebrate our anniversary and well, we have come up with some ways to well, spend a special day with your loved one.  

1. Take a short trip out of town
>> Make an escapade. Go down to Malaysia for a camping trip or seafood eating session. Or perhaps go down to Kuala Lumpur and bask in the night life over there. You can also fly out to Thailand or Bali and just spend a short vacation over there. There are also weekend getaways such as Tioman, Rendang where you can just enjoy the serenity of nature, sun, sand and sea.

2. Stay In!
>> You can have a quiet dinner together. Cook up something together, Source for recipes together and shop for the ingredients together. Work on the meal and just have fun with preparing your food. Enjoy the company and well, coze up to nice romantic DVDs after the dinner. You can spend time together discussing your year together, and perhaps laughing over the good times.

3. Celebrate with your family and friends!
>> Though not a really popular choice, well, it’s nice to share with others your happiness. You can invite them to for a barbecue or small party. And what you can do, is not tell anyone that actually you both are celebrating your anniversary and surprise them with the news after the entire event! You can share your love story of how you met and just get friends and family members to give testimonies or spill secrets about you, your partner and both of you as a couple! Secrets may be divulge huh… so erm, make sure the secrets don’t hurt!

4. Go camping!
>> Go camping for a few days at East Coast Park and just rough it out there! It will be fun to build a camp fire and just barbecue your food. You can also bask in the moonlight with champagne and just enjoy the stars…

No matter how you choose to celebrate your one-year anniversary, just be sure to remember to commemorate that special day somehow, and be happy to be with your love!

4 responses to “Ways To Spend An Anniversary”

  1. DK Avatar

    Actually, camping at east coast park is a good idea. Always been wanting to do that.

  2. -:-queen_pat-:- Avatar

    Hi DK.. You should try camping at east coast park during may to june when the school holidays are happening because there is more life at the park and well, it’s good to mix around and get to know new people! 😉

  3. John Avatar

    Wow you and cavin anniversary is the same date as my birthday.

    Congrat both of you on your anniversary. Iron sharpen iron and both of you will grow together and become a better couple. WIsh you both all the best.


  4. -:-queen_pat-:- Avatar

    Hi John,

    Haha.. Thanks a lot for your well wishes and for dropping by my blog! Happy belated birthday to you too! 🙂

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