Alter Your Beliefs and Increase Your Knowledge to Manage Stress!

Our beliefs and knowledge affect how much stress we experience in the face of problems, traumas, ageing and the threat of death. Most humans experience setbacks which can cause stress overload in their lives and can halt their forward progress in life. By learning how our attitudes, beliefs and knowledge can help us manage stress, we can learn to deal with these setbacks and the stress that comes along with it more effectively!

We first need to change our attitudes from a “I Can’t Do It” to “I Will Find A Solution For It”. Focus on the problem and find the solution to it. Rather than just wallowing in self-pity. Visualise yourself having accomplished the end result that you want and committing yourself to take action to help make this a reality.

We can manage huge stress by managing and changing or at least, altering our own beliefs of ourselves and the situations. We need to constantly reexamine the situation and think from different viewpoints in order to find a solution. We often doubt ourselves and cause ourselves to create limiting beliefs which hinder our capabilities. Moreover, we also give up on pursuing our goals once we let the environment affect the way we construct our beliefs. Hence, it’s important to review our beliefs to see if they are logical especially with regards to the present stressful situation that we are facing.

Increased knowledge can also relieve stress too although, occasionally, lack of knowledge or ignorance may be our best friend! Well, increased knowledge about how our minds work will teach us not to dwell on the negative aspects of our lives. We should take note of our problems but not brood over them. Instead we should consider solutions and even imagine how we would feel if the problem had been solved.

Well, we should not pretend our problems do not exist or that they are unreal. Moreover, we should not waste good time and energy worrying about them. Instead, take action now to solve them rather than feeling stressed over them. Keep affirming and visualizing a happy outcome in order to achieve the success and ultimate goals that we want in life!

7 responses to “Alter Your Beliefs and Increase Your Knowledge to Manage Stress!”

  1. Desmond Ng Avatar

    I’ll like to add that there is another kind of attitude. Its the attitude of people from “Someday Isle”.

    “Someday, I will do it.”, “Someday, I will solve this problem.”, “Someday, I will reach my dream.”

    This are the people that are stress free but will break when the stress reappears. What patricia said is true, we should always attack the problem. When a problem appears, solve it, or forget it. No point getting stress over it.

  2. -:-queen_pat-:- Avatar

    Hi Desmond! I like the idea of the attitude that you introduced! Coz i used to harbour that mentality too. It’s tough to push yourself out of the comfort zone to achieve greater things but I’m glad that I did. 😉

  3. Moonaire Avatar

    Call me an oddball, but I actually enjoy stress sometimes. In poly days, I would accept new external projects even when I’m overburdened with existing school ones. Which leads to me having to do 5 to 10 projects at a time. The weird thing is that my works are often more creative when done under some form of stress (tight deadlines etc..). After the stress period is over, I’ll look back at the project and think ‘how did I just do that?’

    Which leads me to come to a possible hypothesis that stress has some ties with creativity. Possibly, ‘creativity’ is humans’ natural defensive mechanism against ‘stressful situations’.

    So, unlike most people that hates stress, I embrace it, and enjoy the positive outcome.

  4. Desmond Ng Avatar

    I’m lucky. I hardly ever have any stress problems. Because i never ever studied until exams.

    When major exams come, i panic and deal with it. No STRESS!!!

  5. -:-queen pat-:- Avatar

    Hahaha… I enjoyed reading your comments, Moonaire and Desmond! What I believe is that, Moonaire’s stress enabled him to be motivated and pushed him to tap deeper into his potential thus, releasing his capabilities and creativity.

    Desmond on the other hand, well, I really don’t enjoy entertaining the fact of panicking during my exams. Haha.. Preparation is always good.

    Here’s a quote for you guys:
    “It’s better to be prepared and called than to be called and not prepared!” – Johnny Wimbrey

  6. Calvin Avatar

    Haha yeahz i think abit of stress is actually good. Anyway it’s impossible to lead a problem or stress free life. The more successful you get, the more problems or stress you might face. It’s the ability to deal with them that will push you ahead.

    If you do not have any problems or stress, it means you simply ain’t stretching yourself. 🙂

  7. -:-queen pat-:- Avatar

    Hi dear.. well, stress can be good especially when it acts as a source of motivation for us to complete our tasks before the deadlines. And if we were to lead a problem/stress-free life, I guess we must be in Heaven already. Lol~! Stress is inevitable and I agree that it’s the ability to deal with them that will push us ahead! 3 cheers to stress! *gRinz*

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