Reasons for not blogging…

Hi folks,

There are a couple of reasons why I’m not blogging as usual as I should. The month of February has been one that was rather ‘eventful’ both in the positive and negative aspects.

The month of February, as everyone knows is the month of love because of the famous Valentines’ Day.. It’s the day that Calvin and I celebrated the famous occasion with dinner, a movie and a wonderful day at the beach. But it’s also the day that my maternal grandfather passed away earlier in the day at 9.30am.

Because he doesn’t stay in Singapore, both my parents had to fly off to attend to his funeral arrangements. It was a sudden turn around from the first happy Chinese New Year that we were celebrating as a family since my paternal grandparents’ passing 3 years ago.

Though I may not be close to my grandfather, I still harbour a lot of respect and love for him. Despite his shortcomings, he was still a good grandfather.

Because of my parents’ absence, I had to do a lot of things independently and with the piling school work, I just couldn’t devote as much time to blogging. Hence, the lack of updates and content. So, I really apologise about that.

But now, things are starting to get back on track and I hope to start blogging regularly again (i know i said this many times! arghhh… so sorry!). On a last note, I dedicate this blog post to my grandparents who have since passed on and wish them peace wherever they are..

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