5 Reasons Why I Blog!

When I saw this blog post at Calvin’s blog and knowing that I got tagged, I couldn’t wait to start listing the 5 reasons because I feel that it is this 5 reasons that keep me blogging since the days of secondary school.

But of course, now, I’m more mature and my blog isn’t just for me to ramble my thoughts and feelings, but to reach out to the millions of people on the Internet and inviting them into my world – my online world. 🙂

So here goes,

5 Reasons Why I Blog

1. I blog to share.

>> I blog to share my life, my experiences, my environment, my country, my loves, my interests, my dislikes, my thoughts, my dreams, my desires, my learnings, my complaints, my questions… etc etc.. The blogging platform has allowed me to accomplish all these at the same time and with ease too.

2. I blog to remember.

>> Remember what? Haha… Well, to remember my failures, my successes, my disappointments, my triumphs, my learnings, my mistakes, my winnings.. etc etc.. It serves to help me remember. To be reminded of the events where I succeeded, where I failed and the things that I have learnt. People have the tendency to forget things and it is when they forget that they may repeat the same mistakes again.

3. I blog to update.

>> Update who? Well, my blog readers, my friends, my family etc etc. People who are soo busy with their lives, just as I am with mine and to just be able to provide them with a way to always be updated with what is happening in my life, my environment etc. It’s a great way to stay connected and close despite long distances away from each other or just plain lack of time to keep in touch.

4. I blog to change.

>> To change people’s lives, to change their mindsets, their opinions, to change their difficulties to accomplishments etc etc. How? By providing necessary success tips, knowledge, guidance and advice. Sometimes, you never know when someone somewhere reading your blog is benefitting from your content and his/her life has changed because of reading a particular post. It’s amazing how it is possible but trust me, it is.

5. I blog to teach.

>> To teach people necessary life skills such as presentation, staying motivated and so on. Moreover, I also teach people internet marketing skills which I have learnt and pass the knowledge down to others. I love teaching because it’s great to see how a person can use the knowledge that you have taught, to create even better ideas or come up with better solutions and continue to teach other people as well.  

It’s amazing how the Internet and Blogging has changed the lives of so many people around the world. And it is precisely this power of blogging that pushes me to continue blogging and sharing with others. Though my blog is just a humble small one, I like to think that I might be helping someone out there in the world with the words that I type and the things that I blog about.  🙂

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3 responses to “5 Reasons Why I Blog!”

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  2. Dylan Avatar

    Hey Patricia,

    I’ll be posting my reasons soon!

    Hope to bump into you guys in W.I.S

    P.S. I tried to say ‘hi’ to Calvin but he

  3. -:-queen_pat-:- Avatar

    Hi Dylan!

    Finally you’re going to post your reasons soon! Lol! Yep, I certainly hope that we’ll meet at WIS, especially after having communicated thru MSN for some time already! 😉

    Well, calvin says sorry for ‘ignoring’ you.. cannot recognise ma. Forgive us okie? Haha..

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