It’s One Month to Freedom!

April 8, 2008

You know what I just realised?

It’s one month to my freedom from school, studying and exams…

And in 1 month’s time, I’ll be exams-free because the holidays are here and not only that, I would have completed my university education….!

Frankly, I have mixed feelings of both joy and sadness when approaching this end to my university days… I’m glad that I’m on the verge of stepping out of the Singaporean school system and rather proud that I got through it. But at the same time, I’m sad because… I feel that university days are the best out of my entire erm.. 18 years of studying and so, I just don’t want it to end.. I’ve only started enjoying uni life and getting the hang of being a university student! But now, I have to bid adieu.

Going to university or NUS in fact, was a goal that my mum and my paternal grandfather had inspired me to work towards since I was in primary school (yes, seriously) and along the way, i’ve had my fair share of weather, storms and turbulences such that I never felt I belonged anywhere. It probably was a teenage puberty crisis too.. Haha..

Well, after studying psychology, i understand myself more – more about my issues as well as the feelings that I’ve been harbouring all these years. Though there’s still a part of me, that needs to be deciphered but at least I can safely say that I’ve really picked up and moved on. And I’ve become a better person.

So kudos to University life for making me a stronger and more mature person! 😀 And here’s counting down to the day that I can finally say, “I’ve made it!”

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