10 ECO Things To Do!

May 12, 2007

I was clearing the junk in my room and just trying to create a more condusive environment for me to work in. I came across this interesting list of 10 ECO THINGS TO DO that was given out to me, I think during my Freshmen Orientation days at NUS by the NUSSU Students Against Violation of the Earth (NUSSU-SAVE).

I thought it was a list worth sharing, so here I am!

Sometimes, it’s really important to understand how our actions and what we do to protect the environment, will lead to in the future – and mostly importantly, the consequences. We need to constantly remind ourselves that we have a part to play in protecting our eco-system and making sure that we hold ourselves responsible for whatever damage that we cause.

Here are 10 simple ways for you to implement into your daily lives and help stop global warming, deforestation etc etc…

1. Change Your Light Bulb!

>> Replace one regular light bulb with a compact FLUORESCENT light bulb! Well, you can easily get those fluorescent light bulbs from your friendly neighbourhood electrical appliance store.

>> Fact: You can save 130kg of Carbon Dioxide and $50 per year!

2. Drive Less!

>> I know some of you will be complaining that this is impossible to accomplish because you need to go to work, send your kids to school, drive your wife to the grocer’s blah blah blah.. So what you can do is actually drive a compressed natural gas car kit in your car so that it can either either on petrol or compressed natural gas! (Actually, I’m kinda lost here. So, I provided some info in the links!)

>> Fact: Car kits are more affordable than most people think!

3. Walk, Cycle, Carpool, Use Public Transportation More Often!

>> Walk to school. Cycle to your grocer’s. Carpool to work, parties or events. Use public transportation to get around. Dump that car. 😛 Easier said than done! But well, you can always start by just making the effort to!

>> Fact: You can save 4200kg of Carbon Dioxide and $2500 per year!

4. Recycle More!

>> Divide your trash according to recycleable, non-recycleable, biodegradable, non-biodegradable, paper, glass, plastic. Whichever way you deem fit. Just make sure that you divide it in order for the materials that can be recycled to be recycled!

>> Fact: You save 1090kg of Carbon Dioxide by recycling your household waste!

5. Use Less Hot Water

>> When you wash your clothes or dishes, use cold or warm water instead. You save the energy that is required to boil the water to make it hot!

>> Fact: You can actually save 450 kg of Carbon Dioxide and $150 per year!

6. Avoid Products with a lot of Packaging

>> Don’t use plastic and paper bags. Use those that are reusable and made of fabric. Singapore has implemented a “>”> Bring Your Own Bag Day this year in order to get Singaporeans to well, help save the environment!

>> Fact: You can save 545 kg of Carbon Dioxide by just doing so!

7. Adjust your thermostat

>> Set your air-conditioner at 25 degrees celsius. Or best if you buy an air conditioner that is energy-conserving.

>> Fact: You can save up to 900kg of Carbon Dioxide and $300 per year!

8. Use An Electric Fan

>> Well, an electric fan may not do a better job than an air-conditioner but it certainly doesn’t do a bad job either. You can use the electric fan on rainy days or on days that do not require air-conditioning to keep us cool.

>> Fact: You can save 1400 kg of Carbon Dioxide and $500 per year!

9. Plant A Tree In Your Own Backyard

>> Well, a tree undergoes photosynthesis, where it takes in carbon dioxide and gives out oxygen as a by-product and helps to balance the air’s composition.

>> Fact:  A tree can absorb 1 ton of carbon dioxide over its lifetime!

10. Turn Off Your Electronic Devices at the main power switch

>> Turn off lights, appliances and electronic equipment when they are not in use.

>> Fact: You can save 250kg of Carbon Dioxide and $100 per year!

Wondering why saving on Carbon Dioxide is so important? Find out more here!

I hope that you all can implement this into your daily lives and make the environment a better one for us live in! 🙂


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