10 Ways To Save Money

We should always save money for a rainy day. Well, I decided to blog about this after Calvin gave me a small wake up call on my shopping and buying habits.

Well, this Shopping Queen of yesteryear is undoubtedly not in the right position to keep spending her parents’ or boyfriend’s money, since she’s not working and well, she’s a lazy bum who loves blogging. So I need to figure ways to save money and be a sensible gal.

So I have come up with my list of 10 ways to save money!

1. Drink water instead of canned drinks/ soda.

>> Healthier choice and it costs less too! A bottle of mineral water is only $0.45 as compared to $1.10 for a regular bottle of coke.

2. Walk as much as I can and not take the bus and MRT too often.

>> Good exercise and well, I save the cents!

3.  Pack food from home

>> I can pack sandwiches for breakfast and lunch. That way i can save up to $10!

4. Leave all my ATM cards, debit cards at home and bring only $20 everyday.

>> I won’t have the source of money to spend!

5. Shop with a shopping list.

>> That way I’ll only buy what I need!

6. Bring Calvin along

>> You can bring along someone whom you know will scrutinise your purchases to make sure that you don’t impulse buy, don’t waste your money on unnecessary stuff and well, generally who will make you think twice about buying that thing that you see in the window! 😛

7. Avoid shopping altogether!

>> Find a nice hobby or well, do what I love best – just blog everyday!

8. Buy Bargains only

>> Go to bargain stores and search for things that I want/need. Well, I’m sure I’d find a gd deal there.

9. Save $2 everyday

>> I’m going to have a piggy bank specially for saving $2. And everyday, I’m going to put in $2. In 1 week, I would have saved $14 and in a month, $56 and in a year, $672!!!

10. Repeat the earlier 9 steps to myself everyday.

>> Haha.. In that way, I can’t give myself the excuse that I can’t remember what the 9 steps were! 😛

Let’s save money! Any tips to share with me on how you save your dough/moolah/allowance (whatever you call it)?

7 responses to “10 Ways To Save Money”

  1. ivan Avatar

    hey pat… wa that 10 ways of saving money will defninitely work if you really follow through all the 10 steps.. for me what i do is just transfer the money i intend to save into another account and dun touch it!leave the atm card at home.. or better still.. dun have a atm card for the saving accounts.. that’s what i really call a savings account.

  2. -:-queen_pat-:- Avatar

    Hi Ivan!

    Yep, I want to save money and the only way to do so is well, to implement the 10 ways that I have mentioned! The idea you provided is useful too. Thanks! 🙂

  3. Moonaire Avatar

    Great list. I’ve tried most of the list items you mentioned, at some point in the past, except for #6. Do all Calvins work, or just that particular Calvin? What about Catherines or Carols? Last I heard, Cherries can make you bankrupt!

  4. Calvin Avatar


    anyone wanna hire me as a impulse buying regulator? 😉

  5. -:-queen_pat-:- Avatar

    Haha.. Moonaire.. Well, you can always find your own ‘Calvin’. Mmm.. Lol~! But leave mine alone. =P hehe.. Just joking! Well, it’s a matter of finding a person who can control your impulse purchases that you may have. Your parents/partner can do the job! Provided that they are not impulse buyers..

    CALVIN WOON. You’re MY impulse buying regulator.. You’re going to attract loads of women by offering your service as an impulse buying regulator. *Don’t you dare entertain that thought!* HeE! 😛

  6. Empowering Success Avatar

    Oh boy could I add to this list! lol First, don’t have kids, it’s an expense from the get go with new clothes for mom because she is getting bigger, and then setting up the nursery, baby clothes are never ending because they grow so fast…I could go on and on.

    Then the older they get, the more they want and it gets more expensive, certain clothes and toys and the food, you just work to buy 3 teens food and see what I mean!

    Then they start driving, ugh, it’s just never ends!

    Are they worth it in the end? Of course they are!!! IF you make it to the end… hehe


  7. -:-queen_pat-:- Avatar

    Oh my gosh Ronnie, I certainly had a very very good laugh after reading your comment! I now definitely know how my parents felt and are feeling after having raised me for the past 22 years.

    Well, no doubt, the lack of children may be a money saver but I guess the expenses on children are what most couples are willing to fork out for. Parental love is something sooo extraordinary that even I can’t seem to put my words together to type out a proper comment/reply to your comment. lolz!

    All i know is, parenthood is something I believe I want to experience. I actually can empathise with you already and just can’t wait for my own experience with my own kids! 😉

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